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Deuce® Video Scalers

Deuce video scalers, the original, affordable scaling alternative to line doubling and quadrupling, convert NTSC and PAL to a wide range of non-interlaced resolutions and refresh rates. The new generation of models, including Deuce HD (for HDTV displays), Deuce MC (with user-selectable Motion Compensation) and Deuce SDQ (scaler, doubler and quadrupler) provide even better picture quality than original Deuce.

Video Scaler

Deuce 2240 SDQ

Line Doubler/Quadrupler Video Scaler

Deuce® 2240 SDQ

The Deuce SDQ versatile scaler, line doubler and line quadrupler offers quality performance at a very affordable price. It is ideal for Presentation, Education and Museum applications.

Deuce 2230 HD

1080p HD Video Scaler

Deuce® 2230 HD

The Deuce HD provides video scaling and processing from standard TV video to five non-interlaced HDTV and DTV resolutions. It is ideal for Presentation, Home Theater and Broadcast applications.

Deuce 2220 MC

Line Doubler/Quadrupler Video Scaler

Deuce® 2220 MC

The Deuce MC Video scaler, line doubler and line quadrupler with user-controlled, six-setting motion compensation feature is ideal for Presentation, Education, Museums and Control Room applications.


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